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I don’t have enough money to fix my teeth.
In 1960, the average maximum benefit paid by insurance carriers was $1,000 per year in the Woodhaven area. In 1999, the average is still approximately $1,000 per year.

Can this be true? Yes! An ever-increasing number of patients cannot gain access to needed dental services because the maximums have not kept even pace with inflation. Is there a solution? Absolutely. A Blueprint and Direct Reimbursement for the Woodhaven, Wyandotte and Monroe area.

A “Blueprint” is a complete and full treatment plan prepared by Dr. Kakaris, customized to your wants and needs, that will allow you to phase in ideal treatment over a period of time leading to the ultimate goal of ORAL HEALTH.

A “Direct Reimbursement” dental benefit is a simple reimbursement system that preserves your right to choose treatment with minimal paperwork and no preliminary authorizations. Employers in the Woodhaven, Wyandotte and Monroe area who select this alternative benefit plan can save money and purchase plans that provide cost-effective services for employees.

Did you know?

Most people don't know they have bad breath. Dental floss will tell.


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