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  • Cancer Treatment-Related Complications In The Mouth

  • Crisis Treatment In The Woodhaven, Wyandotte & Monroe Areas

  • Decayed Baby Teeth - Bottle Caries!  Dr. Kakaris Can Help!

  • Dental Decay "Cavities" – Kakaris Family Dentistry Can Help!

  • Gum Disease During Pregnancy Can Be Treated At Kakaris Family Dentistry

  • Diet And Dental Health…Kakaris Family Dentistry Can Help

  • Dry Mouth… Dr. Kakaris Can Help

  • Infections In Joint Replacements Can Be Instigated By Severe Gum Problems. Call Dr. Kakaris For Help.

  • Lost Teeth Impact Total Health – Dr. Kakaris Can Help

  • Dr. Kakaris Answers Questions About Mouthguards

  • Dental Care For Seniors… Kakaris Family Dentistry Can Help You

  • Periodontal Disease - Silent And Deadly

  • Some Dental Problems Are Easy To See - Plaque!

  • Prevent Tooth Decay In The Woodhaven, Wyandotte & Monroe Laser Area

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